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Live blogging ER&L 2011 You've Acquisition Magic

Springer - negotiated with springer to get lowered and get things as they need.
Wiley - dropped all subscriptions and get article tokens. Get what they need and heps library image.

Cost analysis to find what gives bang for buck. Bought some and not other based on cost per title.

buys citation after eooks o expensive and current print. Now get database and two year old books.

Elsevier evidense base solutions

Liveblogging ER&L 2011 great unboxing

We are emerging from a time where digital mimics print.

Three reasons:

smartphones and tablet sales has surpassed desktops/laptops

Creation of blogs and other out of the box material.
community comments

Semantic content

Liveblogging ER&L 2011 What am really getting? Finding unique content in your databases

Made access database to figure out relationships
loaded excel files into access
Found overlap

Gave examples on how it worked and got more value for money.

Possibly pull usage data into the database for something deeper

Liveblogging ER&L 2011 the necessity, challenge, and opportunity of managing free electronic resources

Classification scheme for free electronic resources:

class 1 - peer reviewed
2 other academic/scholarly
3 Technical/trade
4 popular

highly persistence 10+ years
persistent >5
Uncertinv, 5

entity: who makes it hots it ets

see slides for break downs
compatible = who it works with your local tours
convience: ability to use

Putting it all together
ex: Open J-gate
behaves just like a paid thing

Second part -
about govt docs and where to find them.
GPO database

Livebloggin ER&L 2011 metrics-based journal value analysis

Different metrics
Historical value -
use of item for individual school before coming to consortia
list of metrics on slide.

Metriics can be conflicting
What are the good values?
combine to get an overall weighted value comes from utility, quality, cost effectiveness
Break down on slide
Compare only within subject category don't comparee physical science to social science etc.

utility= usage, citation
quality =snip
cost effectiveness - cost per use

usage- normalized
citation - data source for citation - scopus, web of science important because adds different perspective. Shows niche usage. Might be extremely important for grad program

Impact factor -
Developed by Garfield maintainted by Thomson Reuters
hard to compare across subject categories

Live blogging ER&L 2011 You've flipped

About changing from print to online at university.

Livebloggin ER&L 2011 Library Renewal How?

libraries are not effectively sharing the content. This is a danger for libraries. We are not able to provide access o the community.

Have an identity problem. People think libraries tied to books. We don't have control with the constraints.
We figure out where we need to go.

Liveblogging ER&L 2011 Is the Bloom off of the ERM Rose?

ERMs were going to save us
But even then problems. Propritery, sushi not standard, labor intensive etc.

Reoccuring theme everyone wants to change terms.

Now reevaluating. New committee.
open source: Coral, cufts

open source: does it have a strong user community.

Liveblogging ER&L 2011 Making Data Work

Spreadsheets not usable data. Not communication tool.
From spreadsheet to story. Use narrative or graphics.
Keep intended audience in mind.
Think of scope. Which details and what level. Right detais for intended audience.
Outlet for communication. Report? Twitter? etc.

Edward Duft book graphical display of data.
Extremely important that chart shows story. Great examples on drive.
Think harder about presenting data.

What is the right way to share data?
So all of this is showing our spread sheet it not useful
Stakeholders: Identify. Present the same data in different ways.

Example project to renovate library and storage.
to faculty: what is staying and what is coming back. Pie graph and narrative 70% staying, only things going to storage no use etc.

Live blogging ER&L 2011 ROI Why oh why

Return on investment= ROI

Tell your story. What is memorable.

learning outcomes
use you data, values ad goal to tel story
some metrics
how to identify where data collection needs improvement

hot topic - others are aware
not a lot of good comparitor data when looking at values. Needs statistics
Have a connection to the entire institutions/community and way it fits in
Can go beyond saying of course it is valuable. Proves it.

Methods of assessment and value
ROI - Value for money
use - input/output
impact - achieving goals
Alternative comparisons - value example google against library
customer satisfaction and outcomes
commodity production -
value= see slide for formulas

Figure out what you are using as your values. See slides for formulas.