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FLVC hosts 12 universities library catalogs as well as several large collections of digitally preserved research and archival materials. These materials can be accessed by a search using the appropriate tool.

MANGO MANGO MANGO is the discovery tool for the 12 State University Libraries of Florida. The Combined Catalog of the State University Libraries of Florida is the union of the individual catalogs.
PALMM PALMM Publication of Archival, Library & Museum Materials (PALMM) provides digital access to important source materials for research and scholarship. PALMM projects create high-quality virtual collections relevant to the students, research community and general citizenry of Florida.
Aleph catalogs The Aleph catalog is the native interface of the Aleph integrated library management system that is maintained by FCLA. It has been superseded by feature rich MANGO interface. This is, however, the appropriate tool to choose for searching some of the State University Libraries of Florida's Course Reserve items.
  Citation Server Citation Server contains licensed material that is loaded at FCLA such as Compendex, Engineering Index.