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Upgrade to new version PURL server

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On Friday July 2 we will be upgrading to a new version of the PURL
server, called "PURLZ". All current users will be carried over to the
upgraded system with the same permissions. There will be no change to
the URL ( or to any data in the PURL server.
However, the user interface is significantly different.

I will be holding Elluminate webinars to introduce current PURL users to
the new interface at three different times during the week of June 21.
If you have privileges to create/update PURLs on FCLA's PURL server, you
can sign up for the session you prefer on the Doodle at You do not have to take the
introductory webinar in order to use the new PURLZ server, but it will
be helpful. If you are an institutional PURL administrator (super
user) and can not make any of the three Elluminate sessions, let me know
and I'll arrange a quick walk-through for you.

I will send specific session information to everyone signed up the day
before the session.


06/15/2010 - 4:04pm