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Workflows - Acquisitions

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= Allocations, ILC vs ALC.
= Implications for FY rollover
= Options to use Initial Allocations and for FCLA to load once set by the libraries
= Object Codes and validation
= What reports are needed?
= Annual Budgets


= Currently 5398 vendor records
= EDI setup in the vendor record
= EDI Load Log: select log number and print


= Through vendors website? Email, EDI?
= Approvals?
= EDI vs Oasis/EOCRs
= Bulk Arriving new in V.20
= Vendor record loading with order info in 980 and 981 fields, p_file_96
= Status, closing (CLS) and the monies become an expenditure once invoice status is P-Paid.
= Claiming?

PDA/DDA Projects?

= Joint FSU/UF PDA with Coutts, main and law libraries


= EDI invoicing and match points
= EDI custom service for loading object codes - how it works
= APFeed - Aleph to PeopleSoft interface


= Aleph reports; General Retrieval Form (acq-02-01) and Print Acq Records (print-03)
= ARROW Reports:
= Current Commitments and Expenditures
= Orders and Expenditures by Initiator - Current Fiscal Year