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FLVC-G Guide to Using Elluminate

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[note: Elluminate PowerPoint files need updating to Collaborate]

Troubleshooting your session not opening b/c Java cannot find the right file extension JNLP to open: Find the Java Web Start application in C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin\javaws.exe and browse to that to open the jnlp file. Check the box to ‘open these types of files with this application’ - sometimes - jnlp is not listed is as an extension in Control Panel\Programs\Default Programs\Set Associations so you'll have to browse to find it or set it in your browser...

Elluminate has changed its name to Blackboard Collaborate. Elluminate has been bought out by Blackboard so it has changed its name to Blackboard Collaborate! The only thing this means for Elluminate users is that the login screen will look different. It's purple and it's titled, "Blackboard Collaborate." Log in as usual and then you will be directed to the familiar Elluminate interface.

Elluminate Live Elluminate Live! is Elluminate is a web conferencing tool. It offers the opportunity to interact with others even though you may be miles, even oceans apart. FLVC has licensed Elluminate so that FLVC staff can host training, presentations and group work sessions. Elluminate incorporates multiple technologies such as online chat, interactive tools, mics, video, file sharing and application/desktop sharing all-in-one. More information on Elluminate can be found at:

FLVC  has purchased the full license for Elluminate. Moderators have access to the Elluminate Live!  Session Administration System (SAS). This system provides you  with the ability to create and schedule sessions, invite participants, and access recorded sessions.

CSUL approved the purchase of an Elluminate license for 16 supervisors conducting sessions with up to 100 attendees. Supervisors, including library staff that contact the named supervisor, can host training, presentations and group work sessions. The named supervisors are listed here: CSUL Elluminate Contacts.

This means you can now have your own meeting room.

For a quick reference guide on how easy it is to setup your own (sessions) meeting rooms click here.

Please contact Lisa Tatum via email if you would like to have your own meeting room on Elluminate and I’ll help you set up an account on the SAS.

Training Resources

You can now use teleconference within Elluminate - please see Connecting to a Telephone Conference

Recorded training modules, Quick Reference Guides and User Guides on Elluminate Live can be found at:

Specific Resources

Elluminate Publish

Elluminate Publish enables you to play Elluminate Live! recordings while away from your computer. They can be converted to audio or video podcasts and you can listen to them on your iPod or other MP3 player. Email Lisa Tatum if you need your recorded sessions converted.

If you would like to use Elluminate email Lisa Tatum.

FLVC Elluminate Office Hours

FLVC is pleased to announce that there will be office hours on Elluminate by request. Email Lisa Tatum. Please join in with questions and orientation and meet other participants/moderators. The office hour link is: Just click url above in your browser and Login with your name. In case you cannot login/download the session try this: Go to to download and install the Java Web Start. Obtain a microphone/headset - FLVC is recommending the Logitech® ClearChat Comfort USB Headset With Microphone. Please do not use wireless headsets. Or you can just listen through your computer speakers.