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New Functionality in Authorities

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Enhancement of the Correct Heading Functionality
An enhancement has been made in all Aleph modules, under the Search > Browse option. It is now possible to correct headings of bibliographic records that have an associated authority record. Until now, the system did not allow the correction of headings that were associated with a bibliographic record as well as authority record. Only headings that were associated with a bibliographic record and not an authority record could be corrected. Now, the system shows the Correct Heading button as active and allows headings to be corrected even if they have an associated authority record.

AUT Record Link from Reference List
A new button, Catalog, has been added to the Reference List accessed through the Browse index Expand button.
Here's how it works.
1) Do a browse of bibliographic headings in any GUI module.
2) Click on any heading that's linked to an authority record (either linked to bibs, or a cross reference).
3) Click the Expand button.
4) This brings up the Reference List. You'll see the new button here labeled Catalog.
5) Click the Catalog button. The authority record will be loaded into the Cataloging Edit window.
NOTE: Currently this works successfully only for records in the local authority library. Pushing an LCA10 or MSH12 record to Cataloging results in an error. FCLA has reported this to Ex Libris in Support Incident (SI) 16384-278115.