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SelfCheck on V20

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During the Upgrade

Unless you plan on allowing offline circ transactions at the SelfCheck using the Store and Forward process, the unit should be shutdown during the upgrade, and users should be redirected to the circ desk.

Following the Upgrade

Once the Aleph Server has been upgraded to V20 and the libraries have been given the OK to start clients, the SelfCheck can be started as well. There should be no additional configuration or setup needed.

*Note: There has been discussion on Aleph Users Listserve about an intermittent problem with Selfchecks losing connection on V20. Staff reporting the problem are unsure if the problem was specific to the upgrade to V20, or some networking issue.
One library reported that the problems disappeared when the 3M Selfcheck software was upgraded.

If you have any questions, or problems, please contact Wendy Ellis at 352-392-9020 ext.365 or email: