FCLA Shared Bib Elluminate Office Hours

Question? Problem? Don't know? Come and talk to us...

Starting Thursday, June 28, FCLA staff will be available via Elluminate to help with any questions or problems concerning the new Aleph Shared Bib environment.

*NOTE: This is NOT the same link used for shared bib previously*
You can join the session at:

How to connect a client to multiple institutions?

Some SULs share space with another SUL, or have joint libraries and need to be able to connect to each
other's clients.

If you need to have a client setup so that you can connect to two different SULs, please submit a RT ticket.

We'll need to send you some updated ini files to be added to your client which include the address and
port numbers of both institution's clients.

Once you have the updated files, you should be able to switch back and forth by selecting the institution
from Aleph - Connect.
See sample image below.

In addition, we'll also need to be sure that you have an Aleph staff login with the minimum permissions needed,
in both clients.

Email Problems due to Viruscan Software

Some email problems may be a result of VirusScan software blocking "Mass Emailing Worms"

If you are unable to send email and have contacted your IT dept and verified that the mail server address is correct and that no other setup is needed to accomodate new security components such as secure smtp. The problem may be with your Antivirus software.

In Mcaffee - open the Virscan Console

Select - Access Protection
Remove the check in the Block column, and add the check to the Report column of "Prevent Mass Mailing worms from sending email"

These instructions are for McAffee, you may need to contact your IT dept for assistance if you have another type of Antivirus software installed.

Circ Client Setup

Prior to any client change, it's a good idea to make note of the various options that are setup so that you can replicate them on the new client.

Check the lists below for various types of pop-up messages that you wish to use in your workflow.

Look at the Help Menu for more details about the various options.

How do I install a 32-bit client on a Windows 7 64-bit workstation?


In order to install a 32-bit client on a Windows 7 64 bit workstation you must install under the XP compatible area. You do this by picking "Programs Files (x86)" as the directory under which you want to place the client's installation directory and files.

Library Hours setup for Extended and 24 hour

Currently, if an item would be due at after midnight, the due hour would be calculated as due the opening hour of the next business day.

This is because Aleph only calculates the due hour for the calendar day which ends at midnight. Having the library opened at 1 minute after midnight removes this problem.

For 24 hour schedules, setting the open and closed hours as 0001 to 2400 alleviates this problem.

Modifying the schedule this way works for extended hours as well, but, since the library schedule is also used to determine Overdue fines and other fees, there are some negatives to consider.

- For short term loans, less than 1 day - the item will be due X number of hours after it was loaned, no due hour adjustment to the opening hour of the next day.

Bib Counts by Format

Report area: 
BIB, HOL, ITEM Reports
Report Type: 
ARROW Report

Counts the total number of active bibliographic records by each of the 7 formats or the number of bibliographic records, by format, with linked holdings or items for an Institution. [Data Warehouse Tables]

Workflows - Acquisitions


= Allocations, ILC vs ALC.
= Implications for FY rollover
= Options to use Initial Allocations and for FCLA to load once set by the libraries
= Object Codes and validation
= What reports are needed?
= Annual Budgets


= Currently 5398 vendor records
= EDI setup in the vendor record
= EDI Load Log: select log number and print


= Through vendors website? Email, EDI?
= Approvals?
= EDI vs Oasis/EOCRs
= Bulk Arriving new in V.20
= Vendor record loading with order info in 980 and 981 fields, p_file_96
= Status, closing (CLS) and the monies become an expenditure once invoice status is P-Paid.
= Claiming?

PDA/DDA Projects?

= Joint FSU/UF PDA with Coutts, main and law libraries


Hold Request Client setup

In order for the Hold Slip to print automatically, you must have the following selection in your client.
In the Circ Client, Aleph - Options - Setup Return Options
The "Print Return Receipt - Transfer" is optional.


Overdue Blocks

There are 3 distinct overdue blocks that can be applied in ALEPH. These blocks work independently from one another. You can choose any combination of these to apply for your institution, but they will apply (or not) for ALL of your institution.

Block if single item overdue AND X notices have been sent
1. There is a setting that defines an item as "overdue" when it is past due, and 1 or more overdue notices have been sent.