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UWF circ\tab\rmt_reg.ini

! List of remote registration libraries


How do I make a Global change on a set of Item Records?


In the Circ Client:

1. Go to Services - Items
Run the General Retrieval Form (ret-adm-01)
This will choose records that match the criteria that you wish to change, such as sublibrary, collection, item status, etc.
see sample screenshot

2. Go to Services - Items
Run Update Item Records (manage-62).
Use the output filename from ret-adm-01, as the input name.
see sample screenshot

*Note: This process will work fine for changes to only one field. If making changes to both the sublibrary and collection or other combination, please check with FCLA beforehand to avoid problems.

How do I keep certain payments from going through apfeed?


Change the status in Payment tab to "P" for paid and the invoice won't get picked up by "APFEED" acq-10 report file name or added to the .dat file that is sent to the university financial program.


How do I get rid of Internet Explorer script errors when printing?


Starting with Internet Explorer 8, Aleph must be set to use the HTMLPrint utility for handling printing instead of the Windows mechanism.

Do the following the set HTMLprint as default:
- Go to the Aleph installation directory on the PC's c: drive
- Go to alephcom\tab\
- Edit alephcom.ini
-- Set [Print] NewPrintType=Y

*Changing the NewPrintType=Y clears the script errors and even problems with only some of the notices in a job printing. However the default settings may cause the HTMLprint utility to pop-up automatically each time a notice is printed, which can be extremely disruptive.

To fix this, see FAQ: How do I disable the HTMLprint utility from popping up each time something is printed?

How do I disable the HTMLprint utility from popping up each time something is printed?


Go to the Aleph installation directory on the PC's C: drive.

1. Under alephcom/bin open the HTMLprint.exe utility:
- go to File - Configuration File - Edit
- Deselect SetPrinterManually
- Save & Close

Save the updated Configuration File to your pc
2. Go back to File - Configuration File - Load - Select HTMLPrint config file - Select Open -
- You should get the following popup message:
"Do you want to use this configuration file as the default one?" - NO

3. Exit out of HTMLprint. Close and reopen the client and test. The HTMlPrint utility should no longer popup.

How should I structure the 852 field in DLU01 records for proper Mango location display?


The 852 should follow the patterns outlined below:

Basic Structure for PALMM material = 852 $$aSUS01$$bFCL01$$c[collection code]

852 [blank 1st and 2nd indicators ]

$$aSUS01 [non-repeatable and to be added to 852 for all DLU01 records]

$$bFCL01 [non-repeatable and specific to PALMM material, local institutional digital records not in PALMM would use other code such as BIB library code, e.g. FSU01 or special digital library code agreed upon between institution and FCLA, e.g., UFDC for University of Florida Digital Library Collections]

$$cCollection Code [repeatable, contains PALMM collection code for PALMM material, would contain other local institutionally designated collection codes for non PALMM project material]

At present, DLU01 consists almost exclusively of PALMM project records. As previously agreed upon, non PALMM digital project records can be added to DLU01 as well. It will be up to the institution adding the non PALMM project records to work with FCLA to designate appropriate collection codes for these non PALMM records so that proper codes will be added to $$c and that Mango display tables are updated with these new institutional codes.

What type of limits( max #) can be placed on loans and requests: holds and booking?


There are 4 types of limits that can be placed on the number of loans, holds and bookings:

1. Limit per sublibrary and item status.
- Ex. Loan limit of 50 For sublibA, Item Status 01 = there can be up to 50 consecutive loans for SublibA & Item status 01 for patrons with that patron status.

2. Limit the item status for the entire institution.
- Ex. Loan limit of 500 means that for a particular item status there can only be 500 total loans in the institution.
*This setting is usually unlimited for the majority of item statuses.

*Note: Limits in the circ policy table (tab16) are based on the sublibrary group code. Some institutions have sublibraries with similar characteristics (items, hours, etc) in the same group.

For sublibrary groups comprised of more than one sublibrary:

3. Limit the total number for a patron status, or all patron statuses, for each sublibrary. (Line 99)
Ex. Loan limit of 500 for Patron Status 02, means that all patrons with status 02 can have up to 500 loans in SublibA, and patrons with status 02 can have up to 500 loans in SublibB. (total of 1,000 for the group)

4. Limit the total number for a patron status, or all patron statuses, for the entire group. (Line 98)
Ex. Loan limit of 500 for patron status 02 means that all patrons with status 02 can have up to 500 loans for all Sublibs combined. (total 500 for the group)

How do I give my PC permisson to Circulate items in Aleph?


Permission to Loan and/or Return items must be setup for each PC. To do so, FCLA Circ dept must know the IP address of the workstation. Permission is granted by sublibrary.
There are 3 commonly used typed of circulation permissions:
1 = loan and return (most commonly used)
2 = return only
3 = return to a sublibrary without creating a transfer slip
- This would commonly be used for returns to a sublibrary within a larger sublib, ie., Special Collections department within a Main library, where there may be no need to generate a transfer slips. Transfer slip might be needed for libraries that are physically located in different buildings or regions.

Alternatively, for situations where a campus does not have static IP addresses, or where a user may need circulation access at different workstations, ie, laptops, inventory, etc., a workstation identifier can be used. Click here for more information: WorkStation Identifier

UF Reclamation Report

UF Report

University of Florida Reclamation Project Summary
Report by
Daniel Cromwell, LMS Field Specialist, FCLA